Is your Membership site not creating the recurring revenue,
retention and freedom
you were hoping for?

Your membership site, marketing plan, launch plan and retention plans could potentially be missing some key strategic pieces, but it's so hard to see them when you are not an outsider.
That's why I created the Membership Site Audit

A custom Membership Audit will help you identify any problems your membership site, offer, marketing, launches, tech and retention plans may be missing so that you can implement changes and obtain the recurring revenue, high retention and fun membership community you have been seeking!

How it works:

  • We start with a 30 minute call where I gather all the information I need including an admin login and a user login.
  • Then I spend hours going through your membership with an eye on
    • your offer/deliverables
    • user experience
    • marketing
    • launch strategy
    • retention
    • technology (small tweaks or tools not a giant tech revamp)
  • I'll then create a video and Google Doc where I go through what I saw and I give you my recommendations.
  • We then meet again for a 30 minute call where we go through what I recommended and answer any questions for you.
  • You will have access to your video and Google Doc for the lifetime of my business, and you'll have the option to download them.

What it includes:

  • Video of your complete audit.
  • Google Doc with notes, links and any other resources mentioned in the video so you can refer to it as you work through the recommendations and share it with your team.
  • Recommendations to streamline your deliverables, improve user experience and retention, modify your marketing and launch plans so you don't burn out and maximize your launches! 
  • Tips, tools or plugins to make your life easier as a membership site owner.
  • 2 30-minute calls one before and one after the audit.

Please note: 

Sandra has room for 2 audits per month.

"Hiring Sandra to help me with two of my membership launches and to grow my group, was the best decision I ever made!!!"

Both launches brought in 5 figures of recurring revenue for Marilyn.

Marilyn Alauria
Psychic Medium, Teacher & Coach 

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Hi, I’m Sandra De Freitas.  

I’m a Business Coach who has been an online entrepreneur since 2005. 


I specialize in launches—and in using groups to build your audience, grow your audience, and get its members engaged, warmed up, and ready to buy during your next launch!  

I’ve become well-known for the way I manage groups. I’ve always been great with technology. I earned my degree in Computer Science and studied with CTI, to gain my Co-Active Professional Coach Training certificate. My clients call me a unicorn because of my mix of marketing, tech and coaching. They also call me the "Launch Mom".  

Next year I’ll celebrate 18 years in business, in the Internet marketing world. I wrote the book on using the web to grow your profits (it’s called “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?”). I’ve earned more than 10 digital marketing certifications from Digital Marketer, and I’ve spoken on many big stages, and even emcee'd a number of live events. 


I have been designing, building, leading and consulting on membership sites since 2005!  

I coached the The Membership Experience’s (TME) membership site course for 2 years and was the Head Coach for their high-end coaching program for a year.  

During that time, I did launch consulting, online technology consulting, created launch debriefs, created membership site tours, ran hot-seat coaching, and held 303 one-on-one coaching calls (in 10 months). 


I was also the Community Manager for six of their Facebook groups (one had more than 16,000 members when I left!). I was a natural. The groups I managed thrived. They boasted high engagement, lots of sales, and great cultures. Often, I found myself answering questions about tech, strategy, communities, launches and memberships. This all came so naturally to me that I didn’t realize it was actually a specialty!  

When I left TME to focus on my own business once again, lots of people were curious about the work I’d pursue. A surprising number of people—frustrated, overwhelmed entrepreneurs who couldn’t quite get their free and paid communities to take off like mine had—asked me for my support!  

I have a passion for helping other exhausted, overwhelmed business owners to turn their groups into powerful business- and profit-growing tools.  

You may also want to know that I am empathetic and have zero tolerance for pushy and arrogant marketing tactics.