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In just 50 days, I plan to go from zero to a fully launched and filled membership site!

... and I want to invite a small group of people to come behind the scenes with me for it!

Would you like to be one of them? 

I'll take you behind the scenes as I:

define the transformation members will experience 

choose the perfect membership model 

design the membership from scratch including deliverables and content

nail down the membership pricing and pricing plans 

locked down the membership's tech stack 

choose the branding

plan the entire launch

execute the launch plan

onboard new members

go through a post launch debrief including stats, what I would do differently, what went wrong and what went well. 

You'll get:

To experience my membership creation process that I've been perfecting since 2005 with 1000's of clients. 

A front row seat to what's working and what's not working in real time (and how I course correct when things don't go well...get ready for some real talk!)

Video journals (via Facebook Lives) of what I am up to on a daily basis (except Saturdays and Sundays because I'm a hockey Mom!)

An invitation to the exclusive 50 Days pop up group where you'll get my updates.

Everything will be added to our course portal when we wrap up and you'll get a login so you can refer back to it whenever you'd like.

BONUS: An invitation to the new membership, that you are watching me build, at the founding member's price WITH a credit equivalent to your experiment fee! It's like joining this experiment for free!

This isn't just another training.

This is a one time opportunity!

I don't launch memberships often so now is the time to join this experience!
This is for you if:

You're thinking of launching a membership in 2024 but you aren't so sure yet. Great! Come join us for this experience and see if a membership is for you. If it is, great! If it isn't, you can cross it off your 2024 plans

You are launching a new membership in 2024, whether it's your 1st or 101st membership, and you want to learn how a pro does it so you can gain insights, strategies and more to use in your own membership and membership launches!

You have a membership and you are looking for new ways to launch it, onboard members and retain members!

You are like me, and you love watching things behind the scenes. You love to learn by example. You love seeing how someone recovers and wins after facing a set back of any kind.

Grab your ticket to the 50 day Membership Experiment!
Secure your spot and get ready! 

This is an incredibly low investment with incredibly BIG VALUE!

Imagine all the insights, strategies and connections you'll make!

Implement just one of the many things you'll learn to increase your # of members, launch with confidence, retain members and dare I say, have FUN doing it! I plan to have a lot of fun while I launch this with you by my side!

Due to the nature of this being a digital product, there are no refunds for any reason whatsoever.
Please ask any questions you have beforehand to know if this is the right product for you.

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 50 Day Membership Experiment

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 50 Day Membership Experiment$69

If you are new to me, this is for you!

Hi, I’m Sandra De Freitas. 


I’m a Business Coach who has been an online entrepreneur since 2005. 


I specialize in memberships, launches and communities! You may have heard of my podcast and group "Memberships, Launches and Communities". 

My clients call me a unicorn because of my mix of marketing, tech and coaching. They also call me the "Launch Mom".  

This year I’m celebrating 19 years in business, in the Internet marketing world. I wrote the book on using the web to grow your profits (it’s called “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?”). I’ve earned more than 10 digital marketing certifications from Digital Marketer, and I’ve spoken on many big stages, and even emcee'd a number of live events. 


I coached a membership program for 2 years and was the Head Coach for The Membership Experience (TME) high-end program for a year.. 


During that time, I did launch consulting, online technology consulting, created launch debriefs, membership site tours, ran hot-seat coaching, and held 303 one-on-one coaching calls (that's not a typo - 303 calls!)! 

I was also the Community Manager for six of their groups. I was a natural. The communities I managed thrived. They boasted high engagement, lots of sales, and solid culture. Often, I found myself answering questions about tech, strategy, and TME course material. This all came so naturally to me that I didn’t realize it was actually a specialty! 


When I left TME to focus on my own business once again, lots of people were curious about the work I’d pursue. A surprising number of people—frustrated, overwhelmed entrepreneurs who couldn’t quite get their groups to take off like mine had—asked me to me for my support! 

 I have a passion for helping other exhausted, overwhelmed business owners to turn their groups into powerful business- and profit-growing tools. 

 You may also want to know that I am empathetic and have zero tolerance for pushy and arrogant marketing tactics.

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