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  Before you shut down that Facebook Group!

Take this workshop and in just a few steps and as little as in 5 days we can have your group engaged and active!

Hey workshop, membership and course owners!

Do you have an offer coming up in your calendar BUT you just remembered your Facebook Group is Dead! 

Now what? 

Have no fear! I got you.

What if in 90 minutes I could:

guide you on how to gently break the awkward ice when your group has been silent for months 

teach you 3 easy methods to get your members to engage again and stay engaged 

give you 5 engaging posts that you could copy and paste into your group to boost engagement 

create an action plan with you, so you confidently know what to do to engage and connect with your group over the next month while you make sales

I will step you through how to
wake up your group, organically, in just 5 days!
Just $37
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Get 100+ new members to your group before your next launch!
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Just $37!

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Hi, I’m Sandra De Freitas. 


I’m a Business Coach who has been an online entrepreneur since 2005.  

I specialize in launches—and in using groups to build your audience, grow your audience, and get its members engaged, warmed up, and ready to buy during your next launch! 

Next year I’ll celebrate 16 years in business, in the Internet marketing world. I wrote the book on using the web to grow your profits (it’s called “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?”). I’ve earned more than 10 digital marketing certifications from Digital Marketer, and I’ve spoken on many big stages, even emceeing live events. 


I was also a Head Coach for TRIBE’s high-end TRIBE + program for a year, alongside Stu McLaren. 


During that time, I did consult on launches, membership sites and online technology. I created launch debriefs, membership site tours, ran hot-seat coaching, and held more than 303 one-on-one coaching calls. 


More importantly for the purpose of this story, I was the Community Manager for six of their groups (one had more than 16,000 members when I left!). I was a natural. The groups I managed thrived. They boasted high engagement, lots of sales (5 7-figure launches), and I created great community culture. Often, I found myself answering questions in the Facebook group about tech, strategy, and TRIBE course material. This all came so naturally to me that I didn’t realize it was actually a specialty! 


When I left the company to focus on my own business once again, lots of people were curious about the work I’d pursue. A surprising number of people—frustrated, overwhelmed community managers who couldn’t quite get their groups to take off like mine had—asked me to create a certification program for community managers. But my passion was teaching business owners (like you!). So I put out a rough course outline in one of my own groups, and so many people wanted it! 

I’m telling you this because I want you to know I have a passion for helping other exhausted, overwhelmed business owners to turn their groups into powerful business- and profit-growing tools.